Should you hire a wedding videographer?

As a bride-to-be I read many blogs and articles about top wedding regrets to ensure that I didn’t make the same mistakes as others. What stood out to me was that not hiring a wedding videographer was listed every time and it regularly seemed to top surveys of newlyweds’ regrets. I quickly realised that videography… More Should you hire a wedding videographer?

Bridezilla vs. bridechilla

The term bridezilla is defined on Wikipedia as “a bride whose behaviour is seen as demanding or unreasonable.” There are TV shows about Bridezillas and articles on how to spot bridezilla behaviour. It is a term which is frequently used to describe brides who a forthright and opinionated about their wedding. I became terrified about being… More Bridezilla vs. bridechilla

How to make your wedding guests feel special

Yes, your wedding day is about you and your partner tying the knot, however your closest friends and family will be there to celebrate with you and they become a big part of your day. It is the most expensive party you will ever host, so why not make your guests feel extra-special and ensure… More How to make your wedding guests feel special

How should you treat your bridesmaids?

When I started wedding planning I had never been a bridesmaid. Actually, I was once when I was 3 years old, but I cried the whole day as I had to wear a peach coloured meringue dress in the blazing summer heat. But I had never been an adult bridesmaid. So when I got engaged… More How should you treat your bridesmaids?

You’re engaged! What’s next?

Firstly, congratulations! It is such an exciting time. You may have been anticipating it, if your partner is anything like my husband (who took 6 years to propose), or it may have been a complete surprise! Either way, grab a cup of tea or a glass of champagne and have a read through my top… More You’re engaged! What’s next?