Post-wedding blues

A Sunday afternoon spent reminiscing about our wedding with my parents brought home how much fun planning was for me. I realised that after returning from honeymoon I had been suffering with a severe case of the post-wedding blues. I felt bereft for wedding planning and was grieving something which gave me a creative outlet, which my job as a lawyer couldn’t fill.

My mum excitedly informed me that a family friend, who has attended many weddings over the years, declared it was “the best wedding she has ever been to”, over a month after the day itself. This includes the wedding of a premier league footballer in Italy, who spent over £1million!

Whilst I expected guests to humour us on the day with murmurs of the “best wedding ever”, hearing these words repeated in sincerity many weeks after the event filled me with happiness. Guests were asking if we could “do it all again” and whether they could watch the the wedding footage once it arrived from the videographers. This confirmed that all the time, thought and effort during the wedding planning process was worthwhile and ensured our guests had just as good a day as we did!

It led me to wonder how I could help other brides and grooms organise a wedding that was their perfect day but also left guests talking weeks after the event… so I decided to start a blog!

The wedding planning industry is huge with many amazing resources, but it can also be overwhelming. It is easy to be swept away into planning a “Pinterest” perfect wedding, which evolves into something which is not personal to you and your other half.

Throughout wedding planning I invested hours reading magazines, forums, blogs and listening to podcasts, yet I struggled to find a resource which provided both inspiration and honest discussions on some of the more difficult, controversial aspects of planning. I found the forums unduly harsh and judgmental, whilst articles produced by journalists for magazines had a glossy sheen. Podcasts filled that void but I found it impractical to listen to them outside of my daily commute.

I hope to use this platform to give honest advice to brides to be to help you plan a day which is perfect for you!


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