Real weddings: romantic and dreamy Iowa wedding

Today we are featuring the perfectly dreamy wedding of Natalie and Shane Goodall, who got married on 5 August 2017 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Shane and Natalie met in their senior year of high school. Although they attended different schools they were in the same town and had a few mutual friends. Shane didn’t have a date to the annual “Women Pay All” dance, so a mutual friend asked if Natalie would go with him.

“I had never been to another school’s dance so out of curiosity, I said yes! Shane and I spoke a few times before the dance… I asked him how we were going to get to the dance and he responded with “I have a car?” Trying to be cute and sassy, I replied and suggested we take bikes. He came back with the idea of scooters. I jokingly said that would work and didn’t think much of it after that. 

“On the night of the dance, Shane came to pick me up and low and behold the boy brought scooters. He even parked the car down the street so I would think that was really how we were getting there! We took the scooters every where that night (even into the restaurant!). It really made what could have been an awkward evening, the most fun night two 18 year olds could have. After that, we kept hanging out and now six years later, we’re married!”

Five years after their first date the couple were living separately, Natalie had moved to Dallas to pursue her career and Shane was living in Omaha. Shane went to visit Natalie for his birthday weekend and of his friends, Chase, suggested that they go to the Dallas Arboretum. This was around the time that Pokemon Go was gaining popularity so Natalie thought they wanted to go there to catch all the Pokemon, she was “just happy to have him in town so I went along with it.”

On the day Shane told Natalie that their friend was no longer able to join them, but as they had already bought the tickets they should go without him. Natalie tried to suggest that they keep their phones in their pockets and not give into the Pokemon craze, as everyone there was playing! However, every so often Shane would pull out his phone and she would roll her eyes and remind him of the no phone rule.

Shane tried to distract Natalie by asking her to find a map to a waterfall. Once they found the waterfall Shane stopped and said, “I need to ask you something”.

“He got down on one knee and started his speech that he had carefully crafted. As he was going on about our 5 years together, I noticed a man running in the lawn out of the corner of my eye. I burst out, “Is that Chase?!” Shane had to kindly remind me to focus while he finished his thoughts, popped the question, and I said yes! After that, Chase made his way over with a phone full of photos for us to remember. He also made sure we knew that we in fact were engaged at a “Poke-stop.”

Natalie enjoyed wedding planning, although it kept her busy and was almost like a full time job. “I am someone who always has to have a project so planning the wedding was so fun!

Their wedding day was a beautiful reflection of their relationship. Natalie describes it as “casual, romantic, and full of love and laughter.” This is clearly visible in the gorgeous photographs taken by Ivory and Bliss.

Compiling the perfect wedding team was important for Natalie and Shane. “I don’t even know where to start on how much our vendors helped us! We had the BEST team to make our day flawless.

One of the biggest things I learned was that the photographer really has to set the schedule. I was blown away by our photographer, Lindsay’s, ability to take all the activities of the day and place them into a timeline. She made sure that everything we wanted in our day was there and documented! Once the schedule was set, our day of coordinator, Pastor, and DJ made sure everything moved on track and people were where they needed to be, when they needed to be.

Our day was simply perfect… There was no stress, no drama, no nerves, it was just full of love. I think that was largely due to the hours and hours we put into planning over the year, the AMAZING coordination of our vendors, and the people we surrounded ourselves with that weekend. We were overwhelmed by the amount of people that took time out of their weekend to celebrate with us… they traveled from all over the country and we were so blessed to have them!

During planing Natalie fell back in love with a dress she had pinned on her Pinterest, the Casablanca 2205. Unfortunately it wasn’t available when she tried on dresses at home in Iowa, but it was available at a store in Dallas and it was perfect! Luckily the dress was a much more reasonable in price than the ones Natalie had seen on TV shows such as Say Yes to the Dress.

Natalie’s other accessories included a veil, a pearl necklace which belonged to her late great grandmother, some pearl hair clips, earrings which she found on Etsy and shoes from Macy’s which matched the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. She wore white lace Toms for the reception to stay comfortable, which she highly recommends.

As her “something blue” she had a piece of blue baby blanket sewed into her wedding dress in a heart shape. Although no one could see, she knew it was there!

Natalie was unsure whether to have a makeup artist, particularly as she didn’t want to make the bridesmaids pay. However as they were paying a lot of money for the photographs she wanted to make sure everyone looked consistent. “We compromised and split the cost for the bridesmaids’ make up with the girls and I was so happy we did.” She went for a romantic, but natural look, with some subtle false lashes.

Natalie loved working with their florist, Tiffany. They were initially planning to DIY the flowers, but when Natalie’s grandmother offered to contribute towards the flowers and Natalie contacted Studio Bloom. “She made my dreams come true within the budget that we had which was so important to me. She even figured out ways to double duty our ceremony flowers with our reception décor!

The Goodall’s day was jam packed with special, custom details, to make their day thoroughly personalised. A unique escort table plan included finding your maracas and “shaking it over to your table” and the gorgeous cake topper had a nod to their new married name.

Their venue served as entertainment as the ceremony was in a “Town Square” set to reflect the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. “During the cocktail hour, guests could get their drinks and popsicles in the Saloon and tour the buildings on the grounds. We even had beer from the first brewery in Iowa served during this hour because they had the original signage for the company displayed in the Saloon! After the cocktail hour, guests made their way into the modern reception lodge where we had a DJ play through out the night.”

Natalie’s main advice would be to hire a day of coordinator. They were blessed to have a friend in the business who offered to coordinate their day as a gift. “We cannot thank her enough for that! It worked out perfectly that I was able to brain dump all the planning I had been doing throughout the last year the night before the wedding and she executed it perfectly. She made sure that I had nothing to worry about on the day of and it really helped me to be able to focus on why we were there! If you are going to spend money on anything, make it on a coordinator!

She would also recommend the “Bridechilla Podcast.” “Its a great show that really helped me feel supported by a community of others that wanted a laid back, no drama wedding.

We hope you enjoyed this stunning wedding and hearing Natalie’s advice for brides to be! x



Day Of Coordinator- Sophie Wittkamp

Photography- Ivory & Bliss

Videoography- Miles & Mackenzie Videography & Photography

Venue- Usher’s Ferry Historic Village, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Floral- Studio Bloom Iowa

DJ- DnA Music Entertainment

Caterer- Local Burrito

Cake- Jule’s Bakery

Hair- The W Salon

Make Up- Laura Marie Artistry

Invitations- Invites by Andi

Bride’s Dress- Lasting Bridal Couture (Casa Blanca Bridal)

Bridesmaid’s Dresses- Weddington Way

Groom’s Suits- Halberstadts

Officiant- Pastor Richard Marsceau

Transportation- RAS Luxury Limo Bus Service

Chair Rental- New Century Tents

Personal Craftsman (Bar, Headtables, Kid’s Tables)- Chris Delaney (Bride’s Step Father)

Quilt Creator- Michelle McCullough with Quilted Home Designs (Bride’s Step Mother)

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